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“The modern marketer is a lover of data...”
Kim Walsh

Marketing Data Science and GTM Strategy Support


We support clients in data-driven marketing and GTM strategy

This is accomplished in three ways. Firstly, by applying data science techniques in marketing that are proven to work. Secondly, in GTM support we apply extensive best practices and tactics learned from work during more than 25 years in global fast-paced technology markets.
And lastly, by organizing and moderating high-tech ecosystem events to connect with world-class tech business experts for learning, networking and possibly partnering.

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For events we work with "High-Tech Connect" - a non-profit organization.
“We must move from numbers keeping score to numbers that drive better actions.”
David Walmsley
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Our Work Expertise And Backgrounds


International experience in high-tech product marketing, product management, business development and IT project management

Working experience in Silicon Valley and in Asia (China, Hong Kong, South East Asia)

Culturally Europeans and Swiss where we also serve most of our clients

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Our Clients' Feedback

Over the past decade, our central R&D department developed valuable intellectual property that was not suitable for our main business. stepped in and handled the digital marketing, business development, and helped close the largest IP deals in our organization's history.
Former Head of R&D at Ascom, Mägenwil was brought in to optimize our key account sales activities across five different verticals. Through careful analysis and communication with key stakeholders, they created 20 presentation slides for each vertical. Today, we sell to many more verticals and have reached a $400 million annual recurring revenue.
Co-Founder and CPO at Nexthink, Lausanne was tasked with helping us win large customer deals. Within a year, we were able to secure the biggest private bank as a major client, beating the largest US company (BMC) in the process. This success caught their interest, and shortly after, we were able to complete a trade sale.
Co-Founder and CEO IT enterprise infrastructure software in Milano, Italy
We asked Techmarketing to support our digital marketing and business development activities. Although we had established ourselves with all major European wireless infrastructure companies as clients, we still lacked the biggest one. After six months, we won our first project with them (Ericsson), and they are now our biggest and most loyal customer.
Co-Founder and CTO of a wireless test/measurement company based in Milano, Italy